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Kiss Me, Kill Me by Ann Rule – True Crime Book Review

This book has ten true crime stories included. Kiss Me, Kill Me is the longest story with 128 pages and is about a young pregnant mother who gets killed in her home. The other stories “The Postman Only Killed Once”, What’s Love Got To Do With It? “, “Old Flames Can Burn”, The Lonely Hearts […]

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Small Sacrifices by Ann Rule – A True Crime Book Review

Diane Downs brought her car to a stop in front of a Springfield, Oregon, hospital,with her three gravely wounded children beside her. This book is about the shocking tale of a truly unthinkable crime that being of a mother who tried to murder her own children and succeeded in killing one child and leaving two […]

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True Crime Books

True crime books are all true stories of actual crimes. Some of the crimes are either highly publicized as in the case of Caysee Anthony and some of the crimes are only publicized via books. These writers are a special breed of people who use their talent to bring the stories to their readers with […]

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