True Crime Book Review

When we read articles and book reviews of true crime, for some reason we are intrigued. We want to take a gander, a look into the criminal mind, perhaps because it is so different than our own, or maybe it’s that dark side we are afraid to explore and yet, we have the curiosity to […]

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Money Talks – Lawyers Walk

If you were to tell someone about a crime you had been watching by a high official would you want them to know your name? If you knew someone was going to be taken for every cent they had would you try to stop them or you would tell some else, so they could call […]

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The Gangs of New York – Herbert Asbury

The Gangs of New York by Herbert Asbury, written in 1928, is a great read for those who love to read stories about crime and criminals that took place in New York City, dating back to the early 1800’s. The book starts with the chapter entitled “The Cradle of the Gangs,” which was the Five […]

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Fraud Prevention Guide

In the last few years, many accounting frauds have shaken investors’ confidence in the reliability of financial reports. The large number of instances of financial reporting frauds and failure of certified auditors to discover the frauds are shocking and disheartening. The solution to this menace definitely lies in fraud prevention, which this book, christened “Fraud […]

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Truman Capote and the True Crime Narrative

Truman Capote wants to write an epic non-fiction which is more and more in vogue now and tries to achieve a synthesis between myth and event and it is “In Cold Blood” that Truman Capote replaces pure fantasy with fact. The story is about a mass murder by two psychopaths in a small town in […]

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